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Features & Benefits

  • Controls hose bursts up to 13,000 PSI
  • Extra protection for workers and equipment
  • Ultra-dense multiple layer sleeve
  • Withstands minimally 350,000 abrasion cycles
  • Yellow inner layer provides damage alert
  • Three times the density of standard sleeve
  • Extremely durable and flexible
  • Guaranteed to fit your specific application
  • Multiple round ID widths available
  • Ideal for line-of-sight situations
  • Bulk nylon outer layer
  • Nylon/Polyester inner layer
  • MSHA # IC 171/2
  • Meets ISO 3457, 4413, 6945 and 6805
  • Meets EN 414, MDG 41
  • Tested by Fluid Power Institute
  • UV Protected
  • Colors: black,with yellow inner
  • Inside Flat 1.82″ – 3.44″ (46.228mm – 87.376mm)
  • Inside ID 1.15″ – 2.19″ (29.21mm – 55.626mm)

Burst Protection Sleeving

Our highest performance sleeving, BurstGard® is an ultra dense, multiple layer sleeve that controls hose bursts up to 13,000 PSI to protect workers and equipment in line-of-sight situations.

Ideal for any application where high-pressure hoses are used, BurstGard® sleeving dissipates dangerous hydraulic fluid sprays without restricting hose routings. BurstGard® is highly durable, with an ultra dense, bulk nylon outer layer that is three times as thick as regular sleeving and a yellow inner safety layer that alerts users to damage.

BurstGard® has been tested by the Fluid Power Institute and meets ISO 3457, 4413, 6945, 6805, EN 414 and MDG 41.

For more information contact:
Sandy Saye
(864) 240-9323