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Features & Benefits

  • GraniteGard™ stone handling web-32,000 lbs, 4″, one side spun polyester (cotton-like) to go against stone face and reduce scratching. Nylon on other side.
  • Lumber sorter- 30,000 lb. (3.875″) and 39,200 lb. (3.8125″), regular or with Scuff Edge® added
  • Scuff Edge® for extra abrasion resistance, nylon or polyester 9800 lb., 1″ to 12″
  • Bulk nylon jacketed webbing up to 12,500lbs./inch
  • Channeled webbing–1″ up to 9.125″ sleeve width. Multiple channels can be produced, as small as 1/2″ wide
  • Flat polyester Buffer web (1″-12″)
  • Nylon single wall tubular buffer webbing (1.5″-4.5″)
  • Reflective yarns can be added to most webbing
  • Coated webbing

Specialty Sling Web

Southern Weaving, LLC produces high-performance sling webbing products designed for heavy-duty lifting and rigging. Our specialty sling web includes GraniteGard™ stone handler web, Lumber Sorter web, heavy weighted jacketed web and channeled web. Each product can also be customized with special features, including reflective yarns, coatings and treatments, Scuff Edge® and polyester buffer web.

  • Heavy Weight Jacketed Webbing
    7,000 lbs/in: 1″, 2″
    Heavy Weight Jacketed Webbing 7,000 lbs/in: 1", 2"
  • Heavy Weighted Jacketed Webbing
    12,500 lbs/in 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″
    Heavy Weighted Jacketed Webbing 12,500 lbs/in 1", 2", 3", 4"
  • Channeled Web
    Various channel sizes Sleeve sizes 1″ to 9.125″
    Various channel sizes Sleeve sizes 1" to 9.125"

We can add extra features to flat sling web, such as:

  • Reflective YarnsReflective Yarn
  • Coatings & Treatmentscoatings
  • Scuff EdgeScuff Edge

Buffer web is also available for extra abrasion resistance, either in flat gray Cordura (Std. sizes 1″- 12″), or tubular black (Std. sizes 1.5″- 6.5″) in nylon or polyester.

For more information contact:
800-849-8962 or email