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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for heavy loads, loading and towing, bridle slings and flip-over slings
  • Heaviest, most substantial round sling in the industry
  • Ultimate protection for core yarns
  • Widest widths in the industry (up to 14″)
  • PulCord™ to assist core insertion
  • Printable
  • Nylon, bulked
  • Integrated tube in a tube
  • Woven as one piece
  • No slippage
  • Colors: green outer, red inner
  • Widths: 3″to 14″
  • Printed
  • Bulk packed

Covermax® Double Wall Round Sling Covers

Our highest performance round sling cover, Covermax® offers the heaviest, most substantial protection in the industry for non-metal slings. Designed with tube-in-tube construction, Covermax® round sling covers are woven as one integrated piece and offered in green and red nylon.

Covermax® round sling covers are ideal for use in super heavy lifting/hoisting situations, and offer superb protection for any core yarn, including polyester, nylon and HMPE.

We offer some of the widest round slings in the industry.  Covermax® round sling covers are available in sizes from 3″ to 14″ to meet your specific size requirements.

Prized for their superior durability and foolproof coverage, Covermax® round sling covers are a key component in Slingmax® Twin-Path® slings. These slings have performed some of the heaviest lifts in the industry, including setting a deckhouse atop a destroyer, installing wind turbines or medical cyclotrons, setting bridges into place and hoisting the spire atop the World Trade Center.

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Slingmax®, CoverMax® and Twin-Path® are registered trademarks of Slingmax Inc.  Photos courtesy of Slingmax, Inc.