PolyGraphix™ Webbing

For years, Southern Weaving, LLC’s high tensile-strength polyester webbing has been an industry standard, especially when safety, durability and uncompromising performance is required. Southern Weaving, LLC’s most recent endeavor has been the introduction of PolyGraphix™ Webbing: custom designs, graphics and logos digitally printed on polyester webbing.

PolyGraphix technology allows simultaneous printing on one or both sides. Customers can choose from widths ranging from 1/8” to 2 3/4”. The system offers web-to-print capability – from the customer’s computer directly to our printing equipment. Compared with conventional methods, the production of PolyGraphix Webbing is a significantly more controlled process. Our printer accommodates for smaller print runs. Colors are easily managed, and designs are instantly repeatable, allowing for quicker turnarounds, higher productivity and a fully customizable product. The PolyGraphix technology represents a huge step forward in giving our customers customizable graphic reproduction that enhances brand recognition and product differentiation in the market.

For more information contact:
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