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Features & Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds ISO6945 abrasion standard, ISO3357, ISO6805, EN414, MDG41 and FMVSS
  • LightGard™ and HeavyGard™ are accepted by MSHA for use in underground mines, IC171/1
  • Offered in standard color, black
  • Melting Point – 374 – 410 F (210 – 220 C)
  • Great resistance to sun, atmospheric agents and aging
  • Non-toxic
  • LightGard™: .090″ thickness
  • HeavyGard™: .160″ thickness
  • Solution Dyed Nylon
  • UV Protected
  • Inside Width: 1.00″ – 9.125″
  • Round ID: 0.71″ – 5.76″
  • Rolled / Printed
  • Protects against physical abrasion, damage and deterioration
  • Provides limited burst and containment protection
  • Extremely durable and flexible nylon
  • Guaranteed to fit your specific application
  • Multiple round ID widths available
  • Solution dyed yarn eliminates excess dye transfer and allows improved color retention
  • May be printed with customer name/logo, part number and/or MSHA acceptance I.D.

Standard Sleeving

Southern Weaving, LLC’s high-performance protective hose covers and cable sleeves are our most economical option for managing, containing and protecting your product. Made of abrasion-resistant nylon, Southern Weaving, LLC’s protective sleeving helps save lives, prevent severe injury and protect equipment from costly damage. It is offered in two thicknesses, light (LightGard™) and heavy weight (HeavyGard™).

LightGard™ and HeavyGard™ standard sleeves are ideal for applications that require protection and containment for hose assemblies (hose sleeves, hose covers or abrasive hose protection), ropes and wire harnesses. Sleeving can also be used over ropes or chains to prevent those items from causing damage.

Southern Weaving, LLC’s standard sleeving protects hoses from abrasion and degradation, and can also help limit the effects of hose bursting and pinhole occurrences. Typical market applications include hose and wire harness protection for heavy equipment manufacturers, cable and hose protection and containment in the automobile industry, distributors and hose repair shops.

Chemical Compatibility:

Gasoline – Very good

Benzene – Very good

Oil – Very good

Acetone – Very good

Mineral and vegetable oil – Very good

Ether – Very good

Alcohols – Very good

Carbone tetrachloride – Very good

Diluted bases – Very good

Chlorine based solvents – Very good

Diluted acids – Good

Mildew and bacteria growth – Resists

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