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Features & Benefits

  • Twaron aramid fiber or other aramid
  • Double layer inside width:  3 5/16″, 4.25″, 6″; single layer:  3 5/16″, 4.25″
  • Rolled/Printed
  • Protects against damage and deterioration due to heat
  • For use up to 200°C, 392°F
  • Single or double layer
  • Three widths
  • Flexible, easy to apply

Heat Resistant Sleeving

SparkGard® heat resistant sleeves are tubular textile sleeves manufactured from aramid yarns like Twaron*, and are an ideal option for applications which require sleeves to be in contact with hot objects up to 200° C / 392° F.

Common applications for SparkGard® include round sling covers for use when lifting/moving hot objects, and protective sleeving used in hot environments or near hot equipment.

SparkGard® sleeves are available in several configurations:

  • Single wall heat-resistant sleeve
  • Double wall heat-resistant sleeve, with both inner and outer layers made of aramid fibers
  • Double wall sleeve, with outer layer made of heat-resistant aramid fibers, and inner wall made of polyester/aramid blend (red inner in photo)

We can also customize a size for your needs, up to inside widths of  3 5/16″, 4.25″, 6″. Please note that this product is made to order; it is not kept in stock.

Twaron can withstand temporary exposure to temperatures as high as 700° C without any significant loss of mass. However, when permanently exposed, it is recommended that temperatures do not exceed 200°C / 392° F.

For more information contact:
800-849-8962 or email

*Twaron is a registered trademark of Teijin