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Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate hydraulic line contamination during hose replacement
  • Forced routing of hoses away from potential abrasion and damage
  • Great resistance to heat, ozone and abrasion
  • Eliminates line damaging cable ties
  • Low coefficient of friction makes movement in tight spaces easier
  • Different hose types can be bundled together and still maintain independent motion without hose-to-hose abrasion
  • Special design industrial hook and loop closure for over 1000 open-close cycles
  • Closure shear strength: 22.28 lbs/sqin
  • Cycle life without degradation: 1500
  • 1050 Denier Nylon type 66 substrate
  • Mil Spec 1.5 – 1.75 oz Urethane coating on application side
  • Heat bonded closure
  • Meets ISO 6945
  • Minimum Temp: -65 ( without degradation)
  • Maximum Temp: 225 ( without degradation)
  • Outstanding U.V. resistance
  • The fastest, easiest installation of any sleeving
  • Proven labor savings up to 70%
  • Lightweight, tough, highly flexible
  • Super low co-efficiency resists wear
  • Easy retrofit to existing applications
  • Proprietary bonding process allows cutting without fraying
  • Size ranges from 1” ID to 8” ID
  • Mil-Spec extreme

Reusable Hose and Cable Protection

If your application requires field or shop fitting of hose sleeving in various lengths, Southern Weaving, LLC offers 150 ft bulk rolls of reusable sleeve material. Constructed of 1050 ballistic nylon with a urethane coating, this product features designed hook & loop closure. Southern Weaving, LLC wrap sleeve can be cut with scissors to any length for any application.

This reusable product enhances convenience and safety in the field, allowing for quick repair and replacement of damaged existing sleeves, quick and easy bundling of hose groups for line abrasion protection and durable resistance to heat, ozone and abrasion. In addition, it protects operators from dangerous hose bursts and enhances the appearance of equipment.

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