Key Personnel

Ron Mohling
Chief Executive Officer
Ron was appointed CEO of Southern Weaving, LLC in 2009. He has a long history of successful business leadership, and has previously contributed his talents to organizations such as Schering Plough Corporation, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Meggitt PLC.

Margie Rice
Chief Financial Officer
A member of the Southern Weaving, LLC team since 2007, Margie uses her 24 years of experience in the industry to handle all of the company’s domestic and international financial functions.

David McGrane
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. McGrane has 43 years of diverse corporate business experience. He spent 20 years with Westinghouse Electric Corporation within the Power Systems Group. In addition, Mr. McGrane spent 10 years with Asea Brown Boveri (ABB Inc.), a Swedish firm, managing several Transmission and Distribution companies within North America while participating on a Global Board governing numerous businesses worldwide. Mr. McGrane holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business from Slippery Rock University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability from Furman University.

Robyn Knox
Vice President of Human Resources
Since November of 2007, Knox has led the human resource efforts of Southern Weaving, LLC. As a partner in the strategic planning process, Knox focuses on aligning human resource initiatives with the overall business priorities.

Tommy Lee
Sales Director
Tommy joined Southern Weaving, LLC in January of 2013 as Sales Director for our sling web product line. He has been in the Textile and Narrow Fabrics Industry since 1985. He previously worked at Southern Weaving, LLC from 1986 – 2003 in various Manufacturing and Sales roles.

Sandy Saye
Sales and Market Director, Fall Protection and Sporting Goods Webbing
Sandy has been with Southern Weaving, LLC for over a decade, and has been involved in the textile industry since 1984. She manages fall protection/sporting goods webbing, and tubular sleeving, which is primarily used in the hydraulics market.

Jack Miller
Technical Sales Manager
Jack has been an integral part of Southern Weaving, LLC since 1959. Currently, he handles military sales in addition to his role as Technical Manager. His extensive technical knowledge of the weaving and textile industry has made him a vital resource for the company and our customers.

Ron Carpin
Sales Manager
Ron joined Southern Weaving, LLC in 2012, with an extensive background in marketing, sales and product development for technical organizations. He earned his MBA from Clemson University, after attaining his MA from Appalachian State and his undergraduate degree from Belmont Abbey College.

Bob Karabin
Quality Director
Robert came to Southern Weaving, LLC in 2011 and has a Master Degree in Quality Assurance from California State University (Dominguez Hills) and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Union College.

Curtiss Burdette
Director of New Product Development

Curtiss is a seasoned member of the Southern Weaving, LLC team with almost 33 years of experience working in various functional areas across the business. Curtiss’ knowledge of raw materials, webbing construction, and manufacturing processes and capabilities make him an excellent fit for this position. Curtiss works closely with the new products team to expand our business through new product initiatives.

Andrew Broadway
Product Development Manager

Andrew joined Southern Weaving, LLC in 2011. He has 24 years experience in the design and development of products including technical fabrics, composites, aerospace composites, appliances, and building materials. He is named as a co-inventor on four US patents. Andrew earned a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. He is responsible for providing technical support and facilitating the creation of new products from an idea, to customer trials and through the production process.