Product Innovation

Throughout the more than 90-year history of Southern Weaving, LLC, product innovation has been embedded in our organization. Research and development of advanced materials, innovative design and construction has led to high-velocity lifting slings, cargo tie downs and fall protection safety lanyards.

Our technology reaches higher… quite literally. From lifting the spire of One World Trade Center to achieving the optimal balance between maximum protection and light design for space exploration, we understand the underlying physics and chemistry of designing revolutionary new products.

At Southern Weaving, LLC, we are building a world that is safer and more secure.

We innovate and collaborate with companies to test and develop industrial protection solutions that safeguard people against hazards. We create, test and certify science-based solutions that gently cradle, secure and safely lift some of the world’s most demanding load limits.

By understanding the risk of hazardous work situations, we’ve brought forth new possibilities. At Southern Weaving, LLC, we are always pushing forward with products that are inherently more sustainable. We’ve developed webbing with material resistivity to bacteria, fuel, hydraulic fluid, mildew, solvent, UV, water and wear. We have also introduced new market leader products, such as BurstGard®, a burst containment sleeve for high-pressure hydraulic industrial hoses, SparkGard®, heat-resistant round sling covers, and SureWeld® Weldable Webbing, which adds strength and resilience to vinyl fabrics such as truck curtain liners.

Applying Southern Weaving, LLC’s scale and expertise, our customers have brought new products to market that meet the world’s most pressing challenges. We are constantly exploring and testing to improve the life cycle of web materials.

Understanding Our Customers

Product innovation is critical to our success. We become better, faster and first by taking the time to understand our customers. At Southern Weaving, LLC, we apply nearly a century of innovation, engineering and collaborations to create sustainable solutions. To get started, call +1 (800) 849-8962.