More Finishes, Widths & Tensiles

In business, more matters. More options mean more possibilities. More freedom. More opportunities to find the perfect fit. And with Southern Weaving, LLC’s expansive product line, more is exactly what you’ll get.

It wasn’t always this way. When Southern Weaving, LLC was founded in 1924, production centered around a single material, cotton webbing. But as modern advancements began to change the future of textiles, the industry developed new needs. So the craftsmen at Southern Weaving, LLC did what they were uniquely equipped to do: they created new solutions.

Over the years, this has become a theme at Southern Weaving, LLC. For each new challenge, our technical experts answer with innovative solutions. These solutions – everything from sling web to protective sleeving, fall protection, to advanced dye and finishing – have helped us build one of the most expansive product lines in the industry and open up a new world of possibilities for businesses.

Today, Southern Weaving, LLC offers an unequaled array of options, with webbing available in nearly any imaginable tensile, width, color or finish. And if we don’t currently produce what you need, we’ll develop it, thanks to our team of textile experts who’ve dedicated their careers to developing solutions that benefit our customers.

Take a look back at our rich history of innovation, and you’ll understand that this theme isn’t going away anytime soon. Times will change, as they always do – and our people will keep the pace, developing world-class products and ensuring that our customers always have the high-performance textiles they need to stay on the cutting edge.