Advanced Materials

Advanced and performance textiles have been at the heart of Southern Weaving, LLC for nearly 100 years. We produce one of the widest ranges of technical woven products used across various key industries worldwide. We are renowned for our engineering of high performance webbing.

  • No matter the length, width or tensile strength, our products stand up to some of the most adverse conditions.
  • We’ve developed webbing with material resistivity to bacteria, fuel, hydraulic fluid, mildew, solvent, UV, water, load shift and wear.
  •  Using high tech yarns for premium performance, Southern Weaving, LLC has engineered products designed to our customer’s specs on tensile, temperature, width and color.
  • We also produce webbing in high-end fibers, such as Spun Polyester, HMPE, Nomex®, Vectran®, Cordura®, Kevlar®, Tawron® and Technora®.

Southern Weaving, LLC can help you hit the mark.

By involving Southern Weaving, LLC early in the development process, our experienced engineers will work with you to select and/or engineer the right product for you. All standard webbing can be customized in tensile strength, color, cutting (length) and printing. We can also add treatments or coatings to most of our webs, whether you need UV protection, water-repellency, anti-static, weldable webbing or other properties.

Located in Upstate, S.C., Southern Weaving, LLC is proud to be a part of a long and productive textile history that has become a world-class community for advanced-technology research.

We provide cutting-edge technologies in a multitude of industries. Explore new possibilities. For standard or custom-engineered solutions, call +1 (800) 849-8962.