Coated Webbing: FAQs

Southern Weaving, LLC has a wide portfolio of industrial web, sling web, and protective sleeving. As a “one-stop shop” manufacturer of high-performance fabrics, we saw the benefit behind adding coated finishes to our webbing products in 2011 when we acquired Jones Products. Today, coated webbing is a valuable solution to many of our client’s needs.

When it comes to coated webbing, we get many questions about the variety, performance and testing of our coated products. Below are a few answers to those questions.

Question: What types of web coating can you offer at Southern Weaving, LLC?

Answer: We offer coated webbing that enhances performance for specific applications, such as UV resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as coating that adds color and texture of the final product.

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Options for coated webbing treatments:

  • Texture
  • Strength and resilience
  • Color
  • UV-protection
  • Water-repellency
  • Extra abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-microbial properties

Question: Where is your coated webbing produced?

Answer: All of our products are produced in the USA in our Greenville, SC and Anderson, SC plants.

Question: What is SureWeld Weldable Webbing and how does it differ from your other coated webbing?

Answer: SureWeld is a PVC-Coated polyester webbing that welds to vinyl or vinyl-coated base material. SureWeld adds strength to your vinyl fabrics by resisting tears, wind, oil and water. This product differs from other coated webbings because of the welding process. It can be used to weld vinyl or vinyl-coated base materials together to form large panels or to add strength to areas where grommets are needed.

Question: How can I access a sample of your coated webbing?

Answer: Samples of Southern Weaving, LLC’s coated products can be requested by calling (864) 240-9314.

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