Lifting Slings: Dealing with Human Lives

Southern Weaving, LLC produces the material used in creating lifting slings, also known as sling web. “Our main categories are lifting, fall protection and specialty products, but our largest category is sling web,” says Southern Weaving, LLC CEO Ron Mohling.

lifting slings - southern weavingSynthetics Fibers Versus Wire Rope

What is sling web? Sling webbing is used in hoisting, lifting and rigging in industrial settings. Traditionally, slings have been made out of wire rope, but today, production has shifted to synthetic fibers. Why? Because synthetics, like nylon sling and polyester sling, are lighter-weight, pliable, stronger, and can be much safer. Nylon is the most common form of sling web due to it’s elasticity. Wire rope, unlike synthetic fibers, is likely to rust and spark. It’s also harder to twist and mold to the shape of an object.

According to Mohling, “synthetics help reduce worker injuries.”

We work to guarantee the safe handling and use of our material by following the safety guidelines outlined by OSHA. We also work with our customers to select the appropriate sling web for the specifically intended use in each situation. For example, the size and weight of the lifting load are taken into account.

Southern Weaving, LLC can also customize any sling web product to meet a customer’s specific needs. Our in-house research and development department is available for customized lifting solutions.

Why Safety Matters with Lifting Slings

When it comes to lifting slings, safety is our top priority. Our webbing must be high tensile strength in order to lift up to a million pounds. When our material is turned into the final product, it’s lifting anything from the One World Trade Center spire to the Space Shuttle Enterprise. These American icons are precious. Even more precious is this: “we’re dealing with human lives,” says Mohling.

lifting slings-southern weaving

Southern Weaving, LLC aims to provide highly-researched technical solutions, because we think about the end use, as well as the end user. We aren’t just in the business of textile webbing. We’re in the business of protecting human lives.

To learn more about what Southern Weaving, LLC can do for your sling web needs, feel free to explore our sling web product offerings or contact us at or (800) 849-8962.