Southern Weaving, LLC’s Commitment to Corporate Sustainability

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Since 2015, three key members of Southern Weaving, LLC’s upper-management team have earned post-graduate diplomas in Corporate Sustainability at Furman University, and two more team members are enrolled for the spring of 2017.

  • Ron Mohling, Chief Executive Officer: Class of 2015
  • Margie Rice, Chief Financial Officer: Class of 2016
  • David McGane, Chief Operating Officer: Class of 2016
  • Robyn Knox, Vice President of Human Resources: Class of 2017
  • Linda Clark, Senior Planning and Process Engineering Manager: Class of 2017

In order to receive the diploma, participants must dedicate 70 hours to the program, including in-depth seminars covering sustainability-related topics such as auditing, footprinting, life-cycle management, green accounting, green marketing, organizational culture and more. The diploma is offered through Furman’s Center for Corporate and Professional Development in operation with the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability.

Engaging Southern Weaving, LLC’s Leaders in Environmental Stewardship

Corporate sustainability is lauded in the business world, and the topic continues to rise in importance. Check out the following statistics:

  • 92% of students and entry-level hires seek work at an environmentally-friendly company.
  • Respondents report that cost reductions (74% of respondents) and managing risks (61% of respondents) are key drivers of their company’s sustainability agenda.
  • 76% of business leaders believe that natural resource shortages will affect their core business objectives over the next 3-5 years.
  • In 1992, only 26 corporate responsibility reports were filed. In 2010, 5,593 were filed.

(Source: 2011 Survey conducted by EY in cooperation with GreenBiz Group)

Why is environmental stewardship and sustainability such an important part of today’s business landscape? According to the Executive Director of Continuing Education at Furman, Brad Bechtold, “corporate sustainability lowers business costs, improves productivity and enhances reputation.”

He goes on to explain how important it is to provide education to the leaders in charge— the ones who are responsible for implementing business practices. This is why Southern Weaving, LLC has encouraged key personnel, including members of the C-suite, to participate in Furman’s postgraduate program.

Southern Weaving, LLC’s involvement in corporate sustainability learning has extended beyond the C-suite. “All managers are expected to minimize environmental impact by monitoring key performance indicators and making improvements where possible,” says CEO Ron Mohling.

The Recycling Program at Southern Weaving, LLC

The field of manufacturing has a huge impact on the environment, which is why sustainability measures like recycling programs are so valuable. Southern Weaving, LLC’s recycling program was created in partnership with ICE Recycling in 2015. Here are a few examples of the impact the program has had over the past year:

  • 79,851 hours of labor were created by recycling material instead of producing virgin product
  • 381,975 gallons of fossil fuels were saved by recycling instead of extracting virgin product
  • 2,201 trees were saved by recycling all paper and pulp products
  • 2,526,689 kWh of energy was saved by recycling instead of manufacturing virgin product
  • 1,911,319 CO2 greenhouse gases were saved by recycling instead of landfilling

Southern Weaving, LLC would like to thank Furman University for being a valuable partner in providing professional development opportunities for their employees.