Fall Protection

Webbing for the Fall Protection Industry

This type of webbing is used to manufacture personal harnesses for fall protection purposes. These types of harnesses are commonly used in the construction, arbor and utility sectors. Southern Weaving is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality webbing for the safety industry. Our internal R&D department constantly works with the industry to ensure that the products we sell to the marketplace are the most innovative and highly engineered products on the market. All of our nylon products are manufactured with Nylon 6,6 for high-tenacity and high melting point properties achieved with this fiber.

Fall Protection Product Literature PDF

We offer a full line of harness webbing and flat or tubular webbing for lanyards.Our core material and tear away webbing is used to control fall arrest forces during a fall and is the most consistent product available.We offer all of our products in nylon or polyester to accommodate your manufacturing requirements.We offer harness webbing constructed using DuPont Kevlar and Nomex for any high-temperature situations and/or extremely high tensile situations.We offer environment specific treatments and flame retardant finishes to complement any webbing. In addition to our current product line, we offer the services of our internal R&D Department for all customers to help construct just the right material to meet your needs.


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